High performance external small rotor ignition (YX / LIFAN / SKY)

Reference 30301-004

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Racing ignition with small external rotor type DAYTONA.

Equivalent ignition with variable advance available : HERE

Lightweight rotor, provides violent revs !

Easy to install, efficient and reliable.

Without variable advance, composed of a stator + rotor.

Works with standard CDI of this type: 30304-005

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This racing ignition sold with its magnetic flywheel is suitable for all dirt bike engines, compatible only on engines without electric starter. This racing ignition and its lightened flywheel will increase the performance of your engine, a gain in torque and length.

Without variable advance, composed of a stator + rotor.

Possibility to connect to your harness to power the headlights.

Compatible on LIFAN but also YX and SKYTEAM (by removing the electric starter).

Diameter of the plate : 114,9mm

Diameter of the crankshaft cone : big diameter 18,6mm small diameter 15,1mm

Correspondence of the wires :

- Green = (-) ground

- Black/red = (+) coil

- Blue/white = CDI sensor

- Yellow n°1 = (+) 12V load

- Yellow n°2 = (+) 12V lighting

For the connection of your headlights on Dax we advise to connect together the white wire and the yellow wire of the Skyteam on the yellow wire of the ignition which leaves the most important tension.

The second yellow wire of the ignition is to be isolated.

We have a small simplified Dirt bike type harness allowing to make a quick assembly without lights available ref : 30309-027

  • Modèle - PBR/ZB
  • Modèle - MSX
  • Modèle - Monkey
  • Modèle - Chaly
  • Modèle - Dax