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    Discover a selection of NIBBI spare parts that will boost your mini 4 stroke. This brand, specialized in carburization, offers products of a remarkable finish and precision.


    Specialist spare parts mini 4 stroke, SHOP-KAELIS offers everything you need to equip or customize your mini! Take a stroll and discover available parts : Exhaust, flashing lights, engine or seat...

mini 4 stroke history

The mini 4 stroke story started with the arrival of the HONDA Z100, ancestor of the Monkey that we all know! Originally intended for a leisure park in Tokyo, the success of the Z100 is such that HONDA decided to approve this “mini”. The HONDA Monkey Z50M made its appearance in the early 1960s. It is followed a few years later by the HONDA Dax, intended for everyday use. The Super Cub and the ZB will follow.  During the 70s, these mini 4 stroke will be seen everywhere and used by everyone. Later, other brands decided to make models very close but at more affordable prices: Gorilla, Skyteam, Spigaou… Today, these 4-stroke bikes have retained a retro look and retain their image of freedom!

Absolutely fans about these minis, KAELIS team tries to find new products for each models of these mini 4 stroke!

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