Huile de fourche 15W MOTUL

Reference 6-039

Clear lens (sold individually) Screws onto Bullet LED indicators only. Diameter at attachment point: 33ᅠmm.


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Complete traditional fork with powerful, fade-resistant braking system. Front axle ready to fit to HONDA or replica MONKEY and PBR/ZB. No modification or adaptation required! The fork can be adapted to DAX by changing the steering stem. Mudguard brackets included on the fork tubes. Included: - Fork tubes, - CNC aluminium top and bottom fork yokes - Steering stem with bearings and stop nuts, - Aluminium Monkey hub - Speedometer cable, - Speedometer gear, - Aluminium steering lock attaching lug, - Complete disc brake system: Floating disc (diameter 220ᅠmm), brake hose, master cylinder, Gap between the two tubes at the bottom: 160ᅠmm Tube dimensions: Overall length: 600ᅠmm Diameter of tubes at top (chromium-plated section): 31ᅠmm Diameter at top of fork: 51.5ᅠmm Diameter at bottom of fork: 37ᅠmm Type 8 pads installed in the calliper => available here. At long last, a high-quality fork assembly for MONKEY at a reasonable price! PLEASE NOTE: THE BOTTOM OF THE FORKS IS LIGHT GREY, NOT POLISHED!
  • Modèle - PBR/ZB
  • Modèle - MSX
  • Modèle - Monkey
  • Modèle - Chaly
  • Modèle - Dax