Black engine 125cc ZONGSHEN Fiddy Racer type DAYTONA

Reference 30601-035BLACK

New engine ZONGSHEN 125cc with big valves 27/23 cylinder head, racing camshaft and high compression piston

WARNING : delivered without carburetor !


Radiator kit recommended to increase the life of your engine, available : HERE

Compatible clutch cable available HERE

New engine ZONGSHEN 125cc with big valves 27/23 cylinder head, racing camshaft and high compression piston

Very robust and powerful at the same time this engine is THE reference of the Chinese 125cc engines for mini 4 stroke motorcycle.

Carburetor kit very efficient with this engine HERE or available HERE !

We offer with each engine 5 round male lugs + 5 female lugs to connect your wiring harness!


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CDI box particularly efficient with this engine: 30304-014

We advise you to keep your wiring harness and commodos and connect them to the ignition of this new engine, preferably without using the wiring harness supplied, which will simplify your connections.

New ZONGSHEN 125cc engine with 27/23 large-valve cylinder head, racing camshaft and high-compression piston.

The most powerful and reliable Chinese 125cc ever!

Height of the cylinder (without the skirt): 59mm.

Crankcase connection for oil cooler: M10 banjo hoses on engine side and M12 on cooler side.

Housing with separate oil filter.

4 speed gearbox (1N234).

Plug-in starting: possibility of restarting without shifting to neutral.

Reinforced clutch with 5 original discs !


- Gear selector

- Kick

- External small rotor ignition with headlight connection

- High-voltage coil

- Harness + CDI RACING

- Intake pipe + gaskets

THE reference for 125cc 4-stroke mini engines!

Ideal base for a preparation in big displacement until 150cc.

Estimated power : 12,5CV

Width of the crankcases at the points of fixing on frame:

Top: 93mm

Bottom: 82mm

Engine-mounted pinion: 15 teeth, pitch 420, inner diameter 17mm.

Connecting rod stroke: 54 mm

Piston diameter: 54 mm

Ignition color correspondences with lights :

- Black/red: + coil

- Green: ground (-)

- Blue/white: CDI

- Yellow: + controlled for lights (+12V)

- White: + controlled for battery charging (+9V)

- Green/white: neutral indicator