Moteur 140cc YX démarrage en prise (gris ou noir)

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Latest generation complete LIFAN 107cc engine type 1P52FMH complete with manifold, ignition and ignition cover, kick start lever and gear shift lever. Semi-automatic, no clutch. 4 gears with neutral at the bottom (type N1234). Grey colour, bead-blasted aluminium. Genuine HONDA engine. - Piston diameter: 52.4ᅠmm x 49.5ᅠmm stroke - Oil volume: 900ᅠml - Maximum power: 5.4ᅠkW at 7,500 rpm i.e. 7.5ᅠhp - Maximum torque: 7.0ᅠNm at 6,500ᅠrpm HONDA stud centreline distance. Pre-adjusted carburettor compatible with: Available HERE TRAIL BIKES camshaft for JIALING compatible with this engine: Available HERE Option to connect lights and indicators to this engine (12ᅠV output). Ignition wire colour information: - Black/Red: + coil - Green: earth (-) - Blue/white: CDI - Yellow: + for lights (+12V) - White: + for battery charge (+9V) - Green/white: neutral indicator

  • Modèle - MSX
  • Modèle - Monkey
  • Modèle - Chaly
  • Modèle - Dax
  • Modèle - PBR/ZB