Huile 300V 10W40 4 temps MOTUL (1 litre)

Reference 6-012

Idle jet for KEIHIN FCR28. KEIHIN part number: KED For finer adjustment of the idle and first quarter turn of throttle to eliminate flat spots when accelerating. Available in sizes 35 to 98. Dimensions: Diameter at widest point: 5.4ᅠmm Diameter at narrowest point: 2.5ᅠmm Overall length: 15ᅠmm Sizes 48 and 50 available from stock. Available to order: lead time 1 week


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Size: 400ᅠml WD-40 protects metal from rust and corrosion, loosens stuck parts, repels moisture and lubricates small parts. WD-40 is also an excellent cleaning fluid, particularly for removing grease, tar and other stains from most surfaces. Five products in one: * DISPELS MOISTURE: WD-40 quickly repels moisture from electrical or electronic circuits and re-establishes electrical contacts by preventing short circuits. WD-40 is not a conductor and is therefore not hazardous for the user. * LUBRICATES: one of the components of WD-40 is an active and permanent lubricant. This makes the product particularly effective for small parts that do not tolerate heavier lubricants. Furthermore, WD-40 does not contain silicone, which prevents it from attracting dust and dirt. * PROTECTS: the film formed by WD-40 ensures protection against water, moisture and their corrosive effects. Protection is effective even in the most extreme conditions, in a preventive and lasting way. * CLEANS: WD-40 penetrates under the dirt, eliminating it without depositing corrosive agents. Grease, tar and adhesives are therefore removed. WD-40 can be used on all metal and plastic surfaces. * LOOSENS: WD-40 penetrates and frees up rusty, jammed or frozen parts or mechanisms. WD-40 adheres to the metal and its lubricating properties ensure that the loosened parts continue to work properly.
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