Carburateur OKO type KEIHIN PE28

Reference 30103-015


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NEW DAYTONA 4V ANIMA 2013 SOHC 150cc engine. CARRIAGE COST REDUCED TO タ16.80 instead of タ25.60 VIA COLISSIMO WITH INSURANCE! The new version of the DAYTONA 4- valve V2 engine with: - Automatic camshaft decompression to make starting easier and avoid kick-backs. - New ignition with rectifier and 12 V wire for your headlamps! - The casings have been reinforced and the gear staging modified! POWER: 22 hp - Cylinder head with single camshaft and 4 valves: 2 x intake valves 24.5ᅠmm and 2 x exhaust valves 21ᅠmm - Boring: 62ᅠmm (aluminium cylinder coated with high-strength ceramic and high-compression piston) - Cylinder height: 80ᅠmm - Stroke: 49.5ᅠmm - 94-link silent timing chain - Manual 6-plate clutch - Complete DAYTONA Racing ignition with special CDI unit - 4-speed gearbox N-1-2-3-4 (neutral at bottom) - Total weight of engine: 21ᅠkg Gear ratio: 1st: 13/34 (2.615) 2nd: 15/26 (1.733) 3rd: 21/25 (1.190) 4th: 22/24 (0.917) The RH crank cover has a hatch for getting to the oil filter and an outlet for the oil cooler. The cylinder head has 4 attachment holes so that the intake pipe can be positioned along the axis of the engine or on the outside. Flexible sleeve with centreline distance 58 mm required. The distance between the attachment holes on the cylinder head is also 58ᅠmm for the intake pipe. Included: one NGK spark plug ER9EH, intake pipe diameter 30ᅠmm (without sleeve), clutch cable support, 15-tooth front sprocket (420 inside diameter 17ᅠmm), wiring harness, voltage regulator, high-voltage coil and spark plug cap. Kick start lever with 16ᅠmm shaft required. The large cover on the cylinder head allows easy access to the timing chain and the rocker arms and makes engine maintenance easier. The small black rubber discs between the fins in the photos are anti-vibration blocks and can be removed. Size: Width of crank cover where it attaches at the top 94ᅠmm (upper axle) Width of crank cover where it attaches at the bottom: 83ᅠmm (lower axle) Overall width of engine from ignition housing to clutch housing (measured from above): 28ᅠcm Overall length of the engine from back of crank cover to end of cylinder head: 46ᅠcm THE REFERENCE FOR 4-STROKE MINI BIKE COMPETITION ENGINES! User manual with exploded views: Available HERE We take great care when packing these engines. Same day dispatch if ordered before 1ᅠpm. ACTUAL STOCK! DAYTONA part number: 86920
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